A Wag to the Wise by Joanna Howells

With the help of illustrator Joanna Howells, Lucie the Golden Retriever offers her canine wit and wisdom in over 80 hilarious cartoons.
She reveals how human proverbs and sayings can appear similar to the wisdom of dogs while referring to very different situations.

A fun gift for all who adore dogs and their lovable antics

“Laugh? I nearly howled.”   The Greyhound Express

“Howled? I nearly widdled on the carpet.” The Shredded Mail

“Definitely something to get your teeth into.” The Canine Guardian

“Does more than scratch the surface.” The Barking Chronicle

“Fun fur all the family.” OK, I’m Coming! magazine

“Takes the biscuit!” The New Yorkie

“Not to be sniffed at.” TLS (Terrier Lamppost Supplement)

Available in paperback
ISBN: 978-1-9160843-2-2