Hardcover published 12th October 2020 Paperback forthcoming Autumn 2021
Oscar Fovarge’s page-turner for teenagers and young adults. This is a story for anyone who knows what it’s like to hold on to their dreams and aspirations, come what may.

Fourteen-year-old ‘Kiwi’ Bran Kelleher seems to have it all. He attends a famous private school, is on track to become a top athlete, and even has his own ute, a gift from his upmarket car-dealer dad.

But when his mother falls ill and has to return to England, Bran’s prospects take a dive. He finds himself living on his wits in another country. It doesn’t help that he’s assigned a place on the school bus in a row of seats called ‘rehab’ with three other so-called losers, ‘Daffy’, Bel and Yasmin.

The big question for Bran is how to navigate his way through the rest of his schooling and into adulthood. Will the values he learned in New Zealand see him through? Will the other kids in ‘rehab’ be more of a hindrance than a help, or will they become friends for life? Above all, can he survive the family secrets that slowly emerge and re-shape his identity?

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-9160843-0-8 EPub ISBN: 978-1-9160843-4-6